Adult laryngitis causes

Adult laryngitis – causes, treatment of adult laryngitis

Treatment of laryngitis in adults

Start drinking warm milk, add butter and ¼ tsp. Soda in a glass. You can drip a few drops of eucalyptus oil. With milk, eat 1-2 tsp of honey. Drink every 2-3 hours.

Milk must be warm, not hot.

It is very good to dissolve tablets or lozenges for pain, hoarseness with herbs, with menthol. If there is a cough, choose medicines in the pharmacy that contain Ambroxol.

Gargle with warm infusion of sage or chamomile.

You can do steam inhalation with iodine, eucalyptus, anise or menthol oils

Ligaments need warm moist air, so you need to do alkaline-oil inhalation with a nebulizer, constantly turn on the humidifier, if you can take walks near the sea. You can simply turn on hot water in the bathroom and sit nearby .

With laryngitis, you must always wash your throat, so every hour try to drink something warm – compote, green tea with chamomile and linden, fruit drink.

Drink as much fluid as possible.

adult laryngitis

Mustard must be placed on the calf muscles and chest.

You can take alkaline mineral waters, such as warm Borjomi or in half with warm milk.

What can not be done with laryngitis in an adult? Many people think laryngitis is an inflammatory disease of the throat and try to treat it with powerful drugs. But the result is the opposite.

It is impossible with laryngitis:

sprays throat and larynx proposol and other similar sprays containing alcohol;

eat hot and hot, thinking that get rid of a sore throat;

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eat raw onions and garlic;

eat ginger or drink ginger drinks;

gargle with a solution of iodine with salt;

adult laryngitis

breathe over hot potatoes;

smoke, drink alcohol;

to talk, even in a whisper, because the vocal cords are strained and the course of the disease is aggravated.

Prevention of Laryngitis.

To increase immunity, drink 40 drops of tincture of Eleutherococcus three times a day.

Try to do wet cleaning more often.

Wash your hands more often, do not touch your nose and mouth with dirty hands, use.

Get enough sleep, more often stay in the air, even in winter.

Do not overcool, talk less in the cold.

Temper, gradually lowering the temperature by one degree.

Conclusion: Use simple recipes for treating laryngitis in adults if you encounter this problem. Harden, do not overcool, do wet cleaning more often and you are not afraid of laryngitis.