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Allergy to cold – what to do with an allergy to cold

Most often, cold urticaria occurs. After exposure to low temperature on the hands of the lips, a rash appears on the face, even after a cold drink. Shins and forearms are especially affected. The rashes are pink or whitish, dense, itch severely, last for several hours, and then disappear, but may appear again. The main salvation in this case is warm.

Cold dermatitis – itching of the skin, redness, there may even be severe swelling. Burgundy red spots are visible on the skin, they itch, peel off, the skin becomes dry. Dermatitis often occurs on the inner thighs and under the knees. It takes about two weeks to recover.

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Cold rhinitis – the symptoms are close to acute respiratory viral infections and colds, a person does not even know that it is possible an allergy to cold. When you leave a warm room and breathe in cold air, a sneeze appears immediately, congestion or flowing from the nose. Such rhinitis differs from ordinary rhinitis in that it does not have other symptoms of SARS: temperature, sore throat, headache.

Cold conjunctivitis – burning, profuse lacrimation, worse from the wind. But in the heat everything stops immediately.

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Cold cheilitis – dry lips, jams in the corners of the mouth, swelling, inflammation of the lips. Also, these manifestations may be due to a lack of vitamin B2 and A, but cold chelitis quickly passes in a warm room, and vitamin deficiencies require long-term treatment .

Running bronchospasm – cough, shortness of breath choking. It is enhanced by slush and moist air. Cold causes a bronchospastic reflex, causing a spasm of the smooth muscles of the bronchi. Which indicates a tendency to bronchial asthma. To relieve bronchospasm, you need to click on the fossa between the composition of the thumb and wrist.

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Frosts can cause cold migraines in the forehead and temples. But unlike ordinary migraine, quickly passing in the heat.

Causes of Cold Allergies The nature of this reaction to the body is still not clear. Is there an allergic reaction to dust, pollen, food, have natural or chemical allergens. With an allergy to cold, there is only one factor – cold, which provokes a painful reaction of the body.