exercises colds

Breathing exercises – how to perform breathing exercises

Breathing exercises

For pain in the heart of angina pectoris, you need to do three exercises at once.

Inhale through the front wall of the abdomen, and exhale into the zone of the heart .

Inhale through the left subscapular region, exhale into the zone of the heart. In this case, an imaginary flow of exhaled air is mentally twisted by a spiral in the heart.

Inhale through the brush of the left hand up to the shoulder, exhale in the heart. These exercises will be more effective if the surface of the part of the body through which the breath is performed is warm. For example, the left hand can be dipped in warm water.

To accelerate wound healing, when exhaling, concentrate on the wound.

exercises colds

To increase immunity, we breathe in through the nose, and exhale in the hands. The same exercise will reduce bleeding with small cuts..

Exercise breathing exercises “bone breathing” Another interesting exercise breathing gymnastics breathing bones.

It is aimed at self-regulation of all organs and systems. We lie on our backs, calm down, breathe fully. First, we fill the lower part of the lungs with air, the abdomen forward. The chest is expanding, air fills the middle part of the lungs, clavicles rise and air fills the upper part of the lungs. In this case, the stomach is retracted.

A full breath begins in the reverse order: the stomach is pulled in, the ribs lower, the shoulders and air out of the lungs through the nose. All movements are done very smoothly..

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Bone breathing begins with the left hand. We focus our attention on the left hand, we take a very smooth slow breath, hold our breath for half the inspiration time and exhale slowly. It is necessary to imagine that the air when exhaling and inhaling passes through the hand. We do the same for the right arm, left and right leg, navel, solar plexus, neck, larynx.

Exercises for breathing exercises for colds; Respiratory exercises for colds. Not difficult exercises will protect you from colds and flu. Perform slowly, do not rush. If the nose is blocked, rinse first with saline.

Inhale with your mouth, then exhale through your nose with tremors.

exercises colds

Inhalation through the nose and exhale as usual through the pursed lips.

Pinch one nostril with your index finger, inhale the other and inhale and exhale as usual. The same is another nostril.

Inhale one nostril, another is closed, exhale another.

Close your lips, puff out your cheeks, slowly very air blow out through closed lips, helping with your palms. Repeat breathing by inhaling through your nose..

Inhale through the nose, while exhaling slowly pronounce the sound M.

All exercises are performed 5 times.

As you can see, the exercises of respiratory gymnastics are quite simple, the main thing is to master the technique of execution and try to cure the pain without drugs.

Best regards, Olga.