beneficial properties

Harmful and beneficial properties of watermelon

Complete ban even in small quantities:

with violation of the outflow of urine;

with colitis;

with diarrhea if it is not caused by poisoning;

with kidney stones with a diameter of four millimeters or more.

Harmful beneficial

Harmful properties of watermelon Watermelon can only be eaten starting in August. So we reduce the risk of running into an early fetus stuffed with nitrates, because in the season watermelons ripen themselves without any additional incentive.

Nitrogen fertilizers themselves, nitrates are harmless. But they have the property of accumulating in the pulp of a watermelon, getting into the body. And in the gastrointestinal tract, under the influence of microflora, they turn into nitrites, which are dangerous for health.

If the watermelon lies for a long time, nitrates begin to form in itself. Nitrites disrupt the full supply of oxygen to tissues and organs, which gradually leads to hypoxia..

The most sensitive to nitrates are children, the elderly, people with a disease of the respiratory excretory system, as well as cardiovascular pathologies.

Watermelon Poisoning Prevention.

Buy medium-sized watermelons, too large can be crammed with chemistry.

properties watermelon

Choose watermelons with a dry tail and a light barrel, preferably yellow or orange, this indicates the ripeness of the watermelon.

Do not eat the pulp all the way to the crusts, leave 3 centimeters each – nitrates accumulate at the very rind.

Before eating, dip a piece of pulp in a glass of water, if the water turns pink, you can’t eat watermelon.

You can’t eat such a watermelon, which, being ripe, does not crack when squeezed.

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The presence of nitrates is indicated by a too smooth cut and thick yellowish veins.

I apply the flesh of watermelon to my temples, if I have a headache, it helps, it alleviates the pain.

Conclusion: be sure to eat watermelons in August, early September, since in these months the watermelon season is the most and the probability is small that they have a huge amount of nitrates. Watermelon has a lot of useful properties and deserves an honorable place on our table.