Healing sounds technique

Healing sounds technique – what is the meaning of healing sounds

with diseases of the ears, kidneys;

to relieve toothache;

with eye fatigue.

You need to sit directly, cross your forearms and clasp your elbows. Breathing should be calm, relax. Exhale through the mouth, inhale through the nose. Breathing out “CHUI”, both forearms slightly press on the stomach, the stomach is slightly retracted, the tongue should not touch the upper palate. Smooth and long exhale.

Exercise “SY” – the lungs. Exercise helps with coughing, colds, pulmonary diseases. Exhale – both hands arcuately diverge to the sides – then up, palms up.

Healing sounds

With this movement, we increase the volume of air filling our lungs. The exhalation is “SY”, only the chest moves, it is slightly retracted, hands are joined, palms go to the stomach, turning down.

Exercise “XU” – the liver. This exercise helps to treat the liver, regulates bile secretion, and relieves nervous tension. You can perform this exercise while lying or sitting. When you exhale the XU sound, open your eyes wider, try to squeeze the lower abdomen, move your ribs.

Exercise spleen – “XU”:

strengthens the abdominal muscles,

eliminates stomach discomfort,

Healing sounds

relieves gagging,

stop diarrhea.

Exercise is done while sitting and lying down. Exhaling “XU” should only strain the abdominal muscles, while using only the amplitude movements of the diaphragm, the rest of the muscles are completely relaxed.

KE exercise is the heart. We treat heart disease with this exercise. The exercise is performed sitting or standing, breathing is calm, we remove distracting thoughts. We take a breath – we raise both hands together through the sides and cross at the level of the forehead. Exhale “KE” to draw in the stomach, hands lower along the center line down.

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Exercise “SI” – a triple heater. These exercises are for general strengthening and regulating many functions. Perform it in the morning when you just woke up and before going to bed in order to calm down and relax..

To complete this exercise you need to lie on your back. In order that when we breathe in “SI” and exhale “SI”, the back muscles did not work and the muscle groups not involved in the exercise relaxed. As a result of such breathing, the chest and abdomen will participate..

Conclusion: a very interesting and simple technique by Chinese doctors that helps to cure diseases or simply strengthen the body. Be sure to familiarize yourself and try to master these exercises, because in China there are a lot of centenarians, thanks to qigong exercises, proper breathing, yoga and, of course, proper, healthy nutrition.