Mandarin is useful – what is the use of mandarins

Those who smoke, tangerines are very useful, because they have a huge content of vitamin C. They reduce the toxic effect on the body and also increase the resistance to oxygen starvation of the body.

9) Mandarin juice cleans the lungs well, therefore it is recommended for bronchitis and asthma. Drink Mandarin Juice Every Morning.

10) Tangerine juice eliminates helminths.

11) Massage with mandarin essential oil will help get rid of stretch marks (7 drops of oil per 10 ml of vegetable)

12) External use of tangerine juice will help with thrush

Mandarins useful properties and contraindications Contraindications:

tangerines are rich in acids, so eating them in kilograms is not worth it with a stomach ulcer, with exacerbation of gastritis colitis;




individual intolerance;

often citrus fruits can cause allergies in young children .

Useful properties of tangerines

Useful tangerine peel in it too much:




Therefore, do not throw away valuable peel, but use it with advantage.

With flatulence, dysbiosis needs to be dried, chopped peel and added, for example, to porridge, cottage cheese, a teaspoon is enough.

With bronchitis, the tangerine crust will help again, you need to take two tablespoons pour 1 cup boiling water and let it stand on low heat for about 5 minutes, then leave it to infuse for about an hour. The resulting infusion is drunk warm, 2-3 times a day half an hour before meals.

With a dry cough, in order to better release phlegm, you can prepare tincture: two tablespoons of the peel, pour a glass of vodka, remove to a dark place for a week. When the tincture is infused, take 20 drops, dissolved in water, 3 times a day before meals.

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If you have a cold, ARVI flu, cough is very useful inhalation: throw a handful of peel into a vessel, pour boiling water and breathe for 12 minutes. After this procedure, you need to sit at home and then go outside.

Peels are even useful for fungal infections of the nails; you need to rub the nail plate with a mandarin peel 2 times a day or rub juice into the affected areas.

If you are tired, overworked, nervous, chop the peel and put in a cloth bag, keep it in a plastic bag, if necessary, take it out and inhale for a couple of minutes and fifteen.

To fall asleep faster, relieve nervous tension, lower blood pressure, calm the heart rate, take a bath: pour a glass of fresh peel over 3 liters of boiling water, let it boil and leave for an hour. Pour the infusion into the bath at a temperature of 37-38 degrees and 15 minutes, lie down in the bath before going to bed.

To reduce sugar, prepare a decoction of the peel of three tangerines (you need to take a liter of water), boil for 10 minutes. Drink every day.

I cook stewed mandarin oranges when the kids get sick, helps at high temperatures. Drink all day.

Here is a healthy mandarin fruit. Eat tangerines, squeeze juice out of them, boil compote, make decoctions of peels, use tangerine oil along with any vegetable for your face and body and you will be beautiful and healthy.

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