Pineapple good

Pineapple is good – what is good for pineapple

Pineapple increases serotonin in the blood, dulling hunger and removing excess fluid from the body.

Another option for burning excess fat and cleansing the body of slag is breakfast with pineapples separately or together with other fruits..

You can make tincture for weight loss with pineapple.

Wash the pineapple, cut the greens from the pineapple and twist together with the peel through a meat grinder. Pour a bottle of vodka and forget for one week and put it in the refrigerator. Take pineapple tincture 10-15 minutes before meals and at night, one tablespoon. One pineapple infused in half a liter of vodka is enough for three weeks.

In this recipe, pineapple breaks down fat, vodka dehydrates the body, so tincture is quite effective. A couple of kilograms a month you will definitely throw off, but of course if you forget about pies, fried legs, sweets.

Pineapple good

Pineapple beneficial properties and contraindications Many doctors believe that if you use pineapple regularly, you can cure pain in the muscles and joints.

Scientists have concluded that eating pineapples is useful, since this fruit is a cancer prevention, thanks to the anti-cancer substances contained in it.,

Pineapple contraindications.

Pineapples increase the acidity of gastric juice, so people with gastritis should not eat.

Exclude the use of pineapple with a stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Caution with pineapple, women should be in position, as immature fruits have an abortive property.

good pineapple

Pineapple juice should not be abused to preserve tooth enamel.

Allergy or intolerance.

Children under 6 years of age use pineapple with caution, as it can cause intestinal irritation..

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Remember that pineapple should be stored at room temperature. A ripped fruit doesn’t ripen, but there is such a trick that will make it sweeter, you need to turn it upside down and let it stand in this position all night.

I have oily skin and I wipe my face with a slice of pineapple, I am very pleased with the result, the pores are narrowed, the face is cleansed, black dots disappear.

Conclusion: here are the useful properties of pineapple, be sure to include it in your menu.

Be healthy! Make your menu with healthy foods!