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Properties of avocados – what are the properties of an avocado

Avocado protects our heart from diseases with high cholesterol, lowers cardiovascular disease. Avocado Acid Lowers Cholesterol.

Helps digest carotenoids, establishing a water-salt balance.

Contains a huge amount of minerals. This is especially important for people living in hot climates, due to the large loss of mineral salts. In summer, it is also very useful to consume this fruit, due to excessive sweating, the body loses many healthy salts.

The fruit has a lot of potassium needed to regulate pressure.

Excites passion, increases potency.

Sodium in avocados is low, so people with high blood pressure can safely eat.

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Great antioxidant. Avocado toxin kills cancer cells.

It is used to treat skin diseases. Reduces itching of the skin with psoriasis, useful for eczema, diathesis.

Leaf and seed extract is used in medicine. For the treatment of digestive problems, diarrhea. By eating avocados every day, many stomach problems can be avoided..

The fruit contains sugars of natural origin, therefore it is recommended for diabetes.

This wonderful fruit is shown for diseases of the heart, thyroid gland, blood vessels..

The use of fruit is indicated for anemia, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Avocado contains oleic acid, which breaks down cholesterol, restores memory and concentration.

There are no allergic substances in the composition of the avocado, so it can be eaten by kids.

There is a lot of protein in the pulp that helps build muscle.

If you constantly consume this fruit, you can achieve good results in the treatment of stomach ulcers, gastritis, liver diseases, kidneys.

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Thanks to this wonderful fruit, the nervous system tones up, the blood is cleansed, the menstrual cycle is established.

On the table must be an avocado with cataracts, increased acidity of the stomach, anemia.

In southern countries, branches, peels, leaves are used as anthelmintic and gastric agents.

What a huge amount of useful properties an avocado has..