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The benefits of potatoes – what are the benefits of potatoes

has a strong anti-inflammatory effect;

relieves heartburn;

increases hemoglobin;

lowers blood pressure;

relieves nervous tension;

cleanses the body.

1) Potato juice is especially useful for gastritis and gastric ulcer. To prevent autumn aggravation for two weeks, you need to drink half a glass of potato juice, preferably before meals.

For treatment, they drink potato juice three times:

half a cup in the morning;

half a glass for lunch;

half a glass at night.

Take juice before meals.

2) For chronic headaches, nausea, heartburn 2-3 times a day, drink half a glass of juice:

drink half glass

first dose – on an empty stomach

second lunch

third one hour before bedtime.

We are treated for two weeks, then a 6 day break. And we repeat the course already using a half dose of juice.

3) Potato juice perfectly helps with various skin diseases, just moisten the dressing with juice and put on a sore spot. Dressings need to be changed after 5 hours.

4) For pharyngitis, laryngitis, gargle with potato juice.

5) The benefit of potato juice is that it cleanses our body, if mixed with carrot juice and celery juice, then 3-4 tablespoons of this juice will help with nervous disorders.

Potato benefits and use in cosmetology. Potato is also an excellent cosmetologist..

1) A moisturizing and softening mask of potatoes is simple to make, mix:

mashed boiled potatoes;


a teaspoon of honey;

spoon of olive oil.

Apply the mask on the face, rinse and apply a nourishing cream.

potato juice

2) If you like natural cosmetics, then for you the following wonderful recipe:

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boiled potato;

a tablespoon of cottage cheese;

half a teaspoon of honey;

half raw egg.

We apply on the face and neck and cover with a gauze napkin, wash off with warm water after 20 minutes. The mask is done several times a week for a month

3) You can also make a nourishing hair mask from potatoes.


two or three potatoes grated on a fine grater;

3 teaspoons of milk;

a teaspoon of flour;

2- 3 drops of lemon juice.

4) After boiling the potatoes, do not pour the broth, lower your hands into it and the skin will become soft, peeling will pass, and your nails will strengthen.

Choose the main potato, choose straight, hard, medium-sized root crops without green spots, throw away green and sprouted tubers immediately, as poison accumulates in them – solanine, which can cause severe poisoning. Poke a tuber with a fingernail, if liquid is released, it means there are a lot of nitrates in it.

That’s how much potato is good for. Bake, stew potatoes, cook a variety of dishes and your body will thank you.

Best regards, Olga.