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The benefits of salt – what are the benefits of salt?

If there is little water, then it does not penetrate into the cells, and the body in need of water sucks it out of the blood, and this complicates the activity of the heart and kidneys. Many people suffer from edema, now you yourself understand that this is due to lack of water.

If a person’s lack of water is critical, in order to distribute water to the cells, it is necessary to increase the pressure in the circulatory system. This is common hypertension. The distribution of water in the cell occurs faster at night, when a person is in a horizontal position. Water begins to disperse throughout the body, it needs to try very hard to reach the upper parts of the body.

Therefore, if a person has an imbalance, the lungs are filled with water and breathing becomes difficult, you have to fall in a half-sitting position. This is called cardiac asthma, which occurs during dehydration..

The benefits of salt and harm To leave the swelling, give up salt and drink plenty of water, up to three liters per day. But you need to increase the amount of water per day gradually, so that there is no load on the kidneys. After all, how much water you drink, the same amount should come out.

If we drink the amount of water necessary for the body, then together with the urine is colorless, accumulated and unnecessary salt is excreted, swelling is eliminated without the help of diuretics.

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Water is an excellent diuretic. The main thing is to increase the amount of water gradually, so as not to strain the heart.

After the swelling is gone, you can again add salt to food, up to 3-4 g per day.

Salt is a valuable substance for all living things. The benefits of salt to humans are invaluable. It is better to use sea salt, as it contains many other substances that are very necessary for our body.

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The benefits of salt and a unique balm recipe I want to share a unique balm recipe that treats:


Early stage skin cancer;




Inflammation of the internal and external organs.

We need cognac five stars, ¾ bottles. Pour fine sea salt into the cognac, pour until the cognac reaches the cork. Then shake it. The brandy salt balm is ready when the salt settles.

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When using, do not shake the bottle so that salt does not get into the wounds.

Balsam intake.

Two salt spoons of balm plus six tablespoons of water. On an empty stomach, an hour before meals.

Or 8-10 tablespoons of warm water pole spoon of balsam, with a weakened body.

Lubricate the wounds externally, apply a bandage and do not remove until healing. Change 3-4 times a day.

With rheumatism, rub two weeks with pain, several times a day. If pain persists, take by mouth. Also two weeks.

For skin cancer, apply a cotton cloth and change when it dries. Before going to bed, they rub their head with balm and put on a woolen hat. And take the balm inside.

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Conclusion: the use of salt for the body is obvious, but in everything you need to know the measure so as not to upset the balance in the body.

Be healthy, with respect, Olga.