tooth enamel

Tooth Enamel – Enamel Strengthening

Causes of tooth enamel sensitivity

The most powerful enamel destroyer is apple and lemon juices. With prolonged use of juices, enamel is greatly destroyed.

Caries and other internal and external tooth injuries.

Serious changes in the body occur during pregnancy or menopause, such as a malfunction in the thyroid gland..

Violation of phosphorus-calcium metabolism.

Stress, psychological disorders.

Soda, lemon zest, and salt strongly act on enamel, so teeth cannot be whitened with these substances..

Traditional recipes for treating tooth enamel There are many useful folk methods for treating tooth enamel..

Put three drops of tea tree oil in a glass of water. Rinse four times a day.

Pour the dried eggplant peel with boiling water and leave for a couple of hours. Great rinse.

You can rinse with the juice of cucumber, turnip, horsetail mixed with honey. But rinses should be frequent.

your teeth

It is useful to chew propolis or use alcohol tincture to rinse.

Take half a teaspoon of soda and a few drops of tea tree. Dilute with water and rinse.

Often, it is better to eat cereals with germinated wheat grains daily and cook jelly from them.

Take a pinch of sea salt, drip olive oil, drop three and rub into teeth after brushing.

Enamel Prevention and Strengthening

Brush your teeth regularly using toothpastes that do not damage tooth enamel..

Learn how to brush your teeth correctly using a medium-hard brush or a soft brush, so as not to injure your teeth and gums.

Rarely, and better not use whitening toothpaste at all.

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Eat More Foods With Calcium And Phosphorus.

Limit sour berries, fruits, juices.

Visit your dentist every six months.

boiling water

Use special toothpastes, rinses that protect tooth enamel, you can buy them at a pharmacy.

You can strengthen tooth enamel with folk remedies. Rinses with decoctions of herbs well help.

Take herbs and mix in equal amounts:

oak bark;



Highlander Serpentine;



Preparing infusions is very simple: a tablespoon of a mixture of herbs is poured with boiling water and brought to a boil over low heat. After an hour, you can already rinse your mouth after eating.

Conclusion: to strengthen tooth enamel you need to eat many calcium-rich foods, visit your dentist, take care of your teeth, use a soft or medium hard toothbrush and rinse your mouth with decoctions of herbs.

Best regards, Olga.