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Useful properties of carrot juice – what is useful carrot juice

7) Drinking a glass of juice in the morning in the hour before breakfast in small sips is useful for inflammation of the liver, chronic hepatitis, gastritis with high acidity. Carrot juice is an excellent substitute for breakfast, mix in equal amounts of juice and milk, heated to seventy eighty degrees.

Here are the benefits of carrot juice..

Useful properties of carrot juice and contraindications 1) In case of a male problem – impotence, mix carrot juice half with honey. Drink 1-2 tables. spoon 3 to 4 times a day.

2) Hemorrhoids, constipation. Drink on an empty stomach 150-200 milliliters of juice, and preferably with pulp.

3) Carrot juice will help with thrush in children. It is necessary to lubricate the oral cavity with juice mixed with honey.

4) Runny nose. It is necessary to instill juice in the nose 3-4 times a day..

Mix carrot juice and aloe juice. Pipette 3 drops into both nostrils four to five times a day.

5) Angina, laryngitis, stomatitis. Rinse with a little warm carrot juice 3 times a day. You can dilute the juice in half with water.

Useful properties

6) Hair loss is an unpleasant problem, try rubbing a mixture of 10 parts of carrot juice and 1 part of lemon juice into your scalp, wash your hair in fifteen minutes. Such a mask is better suited for dark hair, as a red tint will be noticeable on blond hair.

7) Wounds burns. It is necessary to apply a gauze napkin moistened with carrot juice to purulent wounds, fresh burns, tumors.

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With a foot fungus, prepare a mixture of carrot juice with vinegar essence 1: 1 and lubricate the sore spots.

9) To raise immunity, prepare the recipe:

50 ml of carrot juice;

as much apple;

100ml cabbage.

You can add honey. We divide the resulting mixture into three parts and drink half an hour before meals.

carrot juice

10) To increase visual acuity, mix 3 parts carrot juice and part parsley juice. Drink 2 tablespoons per dose, not more than 60-90 ml per day.

Contraindications carrot juice:

peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum during exacerbation;

acute inflammation in the intestines and pancreas;

allergies and food intolerances;

with caution should be drunk with diabetes.

After making the squeeze carrot juice, I fill it with milk, leave it for 15 minutes and drink the whole family’s milk rich in vitamins.

Be sure to drink healthy carrot juice, mix it with other juices, your skin, nails, hair will look brilliant. Give kids fresh juices, try to buy less store juices.

Be healthy, beautiful, happy! Until we meet again.