main reasons twitches

Why the eye twitches – the main reasons why the eye twitches

3) Lack of vitamins in the body, a fairly common phenomenon. In this case, the eye may also respond to this problem:

lack of magnesium – motor impairment;

lack of calcium, a violation of neuromuscular conduction;

lack of glycine – disrupts the activity of the nervous system.

4) Endless spending time at the computer or in front of the TV, insomnia – causes chronic eye fatigue. And a nervous twitch of the eyelid appears.

5) The same reaction with eye irritation due to:

improper wearing of lenses;

hit of a foreign body;


main reasons twitches

dry mucous membranes as a reaction to drugs;


contact with dirty hands.

Why does the eye twitch – what to do? The appearance of a nervous tic should not be ignored. It is necessary, if he often bothers you, to exclude serious reasons.

In the absence of disease, the eye tick should stop if you:

start to get enough sleep;

will eat right;

reduce the time spent in front of the computer;

include in the diet foods rich in calcium and magnesium – bananas, prunes, dried apricots, rye bread, cottage cheese, watermelon;

this case

you will walk more often.

Thus, your body will independently cope with nerve loads..

If eye-twitching is not caused by serious reasons, then you can use the advice of traditional medicine.

Reception of sedatives – tincture of peony, motherwort or decoction of valerian roots (drops in this case are not effective).

An excellent proven tool is geranium. It is enough to attach a leaf to a restless eye, a freshly cut and nervous tic should pass.

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You can take a decoction of geranium leaves.

A wonderful collection against teak: chamomile (flowers), motherwort (grass), chrysanthemum (leaves), mix everything in equal amounts and brew like tea.

Special gymnastics will help. Eyes tightly squeeze, inhale and exhale, open your eyes. Or another exercise: continuously blinking eyes for a minute or two.

Compresses from chamomile and lemon balm are also a wonderful tool..

Now you know why the eye twitches and in order to quickly recover and get rid of this problem, use all methods at once.

If the eye tic is repeated often, you must definitely find out the cause, maybe you yourself can eliminate it by reviewing your diet and lifestyle.